Our veterinary practice is located near Braunschweig, at the northern end of the administrative district Wolfenbüttel. We are easily reachable by public transportation from Königslutter and Wolfsburg.

Our practice covers the fields of diagnostics, surgery, dermatology, cardiac ultrasound, and dentistry for small pets. As such, we offer diagnostic methods like digital X-rays, including dental X-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy, and analysis of samples in our laboratory. We conduct extensive operations in a conservative way meant to retain as much of your pet’s abilities as possible. During operations, your pet receives inhalation anesthesia, and we monitor their ECG, CO2, and SAO2 measurements. Our office is also fitted with an intensive care unit.

Alongside conventional veterinary medicine methods, our practice offers physical therapy and chiropractic services. These show success not just in the postoperative rehabilitation of pets, but also as a way of pain management and in the care of geriatric animals. No matter whether it’s about your pet bouncing back after an operation or grappling with arthrosis and other geriatric diseases as they age, the goal is for them to retain or regain their mobility and move through life with joy!

We see all animals by appointment only. While these are usually during our office hours, we can arrange an appointment outside that time frame for you. Scheduling an appointment with us comes without long preliminary lead times: Usually, you can see one of our vets the same day or within 24 hours. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for your pet, you can book an opening online, write us an e-mail, or call during office hours. We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Are you looking for an English-speaking veterinarian in Braunschweig, Königslutter, or Wolfsburg? We’ll gladly have you. Consultations on all of our treatments are possible in English. Please let us know your language preferences when booking your appointment, so we can give you and your pet the best welcome.